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Pediatric Eye Care

A child’s vision is an important part of their development and overall quality of life.  We are able to perform a comprehensive eye examination on infants and toddlers using objective and highly accurate measurements.

Believe it or not, the first eye exam is recommended between 6-12 months of age!  Including a trip to the optometrist on the list of well-baby check-ups can determine healthy development of vision and provide early detection of eye conditions.

After their infant eye exam, parents are encouraged to bring their child in for an eye examination at 3 years of age, even if they are not displaying problems.   The doctor will check eye health, movement, and focusing abilities.  The next important exam will come around age 5.  Kids entering Head Start programs or public preschool/kindergarten in the state of Kentucky are required to have a comprehensive eye exam by January 1 of the first school year.  This is to ensure the child has satisfactory vision to excel in classroom tasks.

We have a great variety of kid’s frames with fun styles and durable materials.  If your child has been wearing glasses and is now considering contact lenses, there are some great possibilities.  Daily disposable lenses are a great option that is healthier and more convenient, eliminating the need for a burdensome case and solution every night.

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