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Ouch! How we can help with your eye emergency

April 11, 2017

Unfortunately, during work or play, it’s not uncommon for everyday objects and particles to find their way to your eyes.  Not only can this be threatening to one of your most important senses of SIGHT, but it can also be very painful.  That’s because the surface of your eye has thousands of nerve endings.  But, the good news is the cornea is the fastest healing tissue in the body.  Therefore, getting immediate treatment is essential for your ultimate vision and comfort.

  • Scratched Cornea

We typically hear of people getting accidentally poked in the eye by a child or pet… or maybe one of your contact lenses was being stubborn while trying to take it out.  Although it may hurt extremely bad, don’t rub the eye.  We recommend keeping the eye closed with a loose shield and see your optometrist right away.  Scratches on your eye and eyelid can be susceptible to infection and scarring.  Unfortunately, many over-the-counter medications can make you more uncomfortable and inhibit the healing process.  In our office, we can examine and treat the injury to maximize your comfort and healing.

  • Embedded Foreign Body

While working at cutting and grinding metal, pieces can fly onto and embed themselves on the outer surface of your eye.  Even the smallest of fragments can quickly form rust and/or infection around it.  This can cause significant inflammation and eventual scarring.  If flushing with a saline eye wash does not resolve the irritation, get in immediately for evaluation.  We will examine your eye to ensure there is no penetrating injury, and we can give you instant pain-relief by quickly and easily removing the embedded foreign body.

  • Blunt Trauma to Eye/Face

The worst looking injuries are those that involve sports that involve high-speed balls or swinging fists.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just that we accidentally run our face into something.  The best immediate treatment for injuries like this is an ice pack.  Keeping the tissue cool will help control swelling and pain.  A “black eye” is simply bruising, or collection of blood and fluid in tissues surrounding the eye.  Reasons to visit the eye doctor after these types of injuries include making sure inflammation and bleeding aren’t occurring behind the cornea or in the retina, and to ensure none of the bones surrounding your eye are fractured.

No matter how/why your eyes are bothering you, the main thing to keep in mind is to immediately seek medical attention from an eye care professional.  Unfortunately, the ER and immediate care centers are not as equipped or experienced to deal with ocular issues.  At an eye care facility, such as ours, we have the benefit of special lights and great magnification to get your problems diagnosed and treated much more efficiently.

So, be careful out there.  But, call if you need us!